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Friday, Mar. 18th 2011

28-Day Eukanuba Challenge

Well I am a week into the 28-Day Challenge and I can tell you one thing, Bear my GSD mix definitely likes the taste. Bear has always been skinny and hard to put weight on so when Dog Time asked if I wanted to participate in a test of the new large breed variety of Eukanuba dog food, I was more than willing to try it. Upon getting my bag of dog food I immediately went to the ingredients… As you all should, and what I found was, well both good and bad.

It should be noted I usually use Nature’s Variety Prairie Chicken and I am very happy with this food. Eukanubas first ingredient is chicken which is good, but the second ingredient is corn meal. Many people do not consider corn meal as a filler, but to me any corn or wheat in dog food is just that. As with anything there are two sides to everything and I have had this discussion with many… Bear definitely likes the food and he is at this point maintaining his weight, not gaining nor losing. I will say that many of the vitamins and minerals, glucosamine and chondroitin are great ingredients and are a welcome sight.

I know how much I spend on a bag of Nature’s Variety and know that Eukanuba will come in lower I am sure… So at the end of week one my thoughts are simply this: are there better foods on the market, yes. Are there worse: a whole bunch. Can everyone afford the an expensive top shelf dog food, no. I think at least at this point Eukanuba’s new formulation could be a middle ground that people could utilize to upgrade from the cheap grocery store “El Cheapo” to something more affordable and better for their dog…

One other side note, I do not use dog bowls to feed. Rather I use frozen Kongs to feed my dogs their kibble. The large kibble that Eukanuba uses is more difficult to use in Kongs compared to the food I now use.

I will let you know as we go forward how Bear does and give you, as always my honest opinion…

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