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Saturday, Oct. 27th 2012

A Great New Dog Product !!!

OK so when a friend of mine from the chamber told me I needed to talk to her dad about a new pet product he had developed, I asked “What kind of product”? The answer was simple enough a new design on an old idea, the elevated dog bowl… So I took a look at some pics and the first thing that came to mind was, well it looks like an elevated dog bowl, but what is different?

It was at that point that Gary Hardwick (the owner/inventor) told me we had to meet so I could see the Dog Bull in person. We set up a time to meet and I got to see the Dog Bull in person and let me tell you the pics do not do this product justice. I have always had large dogs and feeding from an elevated bowl has always been recommended as a way to prevent bloat. The problem has been durability and stability. The Dog Bull  is so substantial that my 100 plus pound puppy could not tip this product over if she tried. Not to mention the fact the product is die cut and much more economic size and shape wise. It fits right up against the wall and is weighs about 25 pounds so durability will not be an issue. After I seeing the product I definitely think this is a great new design and a much needed product! It comes in three sizes and a couple of different colors. Check out the links below to their Facebook page and their website for ordering information. From this dog trainers point of view it is a great product and put simply it will be the last bowl setup you will ever buy…

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One Comment on “A Great New Dog Product !!!”

  1. Deb Sweeten Says:

    Very interesting. I’m generally intrigued by new and unusual dog/cat products. Thanks for sharing Mike.

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