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Friday, Jun. 12th 2015

A Neuro Psych Explanation of Socialization


OK I found this post (link at the bottom) that in a very heavy way (you have been warned) explains the science of socialization for puppies and just what is going on inside their little heads! Both if done right and if done wrong. As many of you know I really believe I would be out of a job if folks would just take time to Socialize their pups during the critical period of socialization (usually between 8-10 weeks to approx. 20 weeks)… The benefits are well just staggering…  I really like this article because it was from the slant of my college degree and because even though it is pretty thick reading… I believe it does a wonderful job keeping it to a level folks will be able to follow.

Great article and worth your time!

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Remember folks Keep it Simple Stupid


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One Comment on “A Neuro Psych Explanation of Socialization”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Says:

    Hi There. I am the author of this article. I just want to point out that the critical periods will vary across breeds and the time at which pups leave their homes varies all across the world.

    Apart from that, enjoy and I have many more articles, seminars and courses for you all to enjoy.

    Thanks again.



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