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Wednesday, Feb. 1st 2017

Awesome Article on Music, Stress and Dogs!!!


Many of my clients (especially those in apartments) have questions of how to help with lonely pups and barking… This in many cases has to do with stress or dogs not being used to being alone (being a normal thing). We try feeding puzzles, crates even doggy daycare in some cases but many times we forget about music therapies… So if you fall into this category, please check out another great article from one of my favorite blogs!  😆 



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One Comment on “Awesome Article on Music, Stress and Dogs!!!”

  1. Mary Nielsen Says:

    I read about this on another blog a few days ago. But on the link you provided a lot more information is given.

    I think that dogs learn from us to enjoy the music and that they can feel that we are listening to it and that it helps us.

    Naturally it will help them too as they grow similar to us.. 🙂

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