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Thursday, Jun. 20th 2013


OK folks… The “BIG NEWS” is that starting in July I will be Co Hosting an internet radio show!!! The show is gonna be called “IT HAPPENS”, and we will be discussing the pro’s and con’s of owning a small business from the perspective of 2 Dads. We will not only cover business topics and topics of fatherhood but also current events! We will even have some nationally known business and life coaches stop by for their insight as well. Here is the kicker because we are just getting started you get the opportunity (or maybe someone you know?) to get in on the ground floor and advertise on the radio dirt cheap! So if you too live by the motto “It Happens” get hold of me so that we can have a cup of coffee and I will tell you all about this great opportunity to not only have some fun but get the word out about your business, charity or local/regional or national event….

It’s been a long time coming to this event and I thank you all for the support, friendship and direction!!!
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