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Monday, Mar. 18th 2013

Bitter Apple the Puppy Owners Friend…

Pup chewing on carpet, furniture or baseboards? Trust me we have all been there! Well so has Bitter Apple Spray 🙂 One of the oldest and best know bitter sprays on the market. Lets face it no self respecting dog will  continue to chew an item if it tastes terrible… I really do like this product and have used it!


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One Comment on “Bitter Apple the Puppy Owners Friend…”

  1. Ashley Gerni Says:

    Any chew deterrent! gertie actually liked the bitter apple, but we tried a different one (i think bitter end) and that worked great for her and was safe on plants. with bandit, we used bitter no chew, but I definitely have a bottle of bitter apple for the training ring and it gets used for sure!

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