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  • New Class to Keep Kids and K9’s Safe and Happy

    Class taught at Shawnee Mission Medical Center You made it through the pregnancy and infancy but now the family dog is having to deal with a child who is mobile! Many times, the real interaction issues with dogs and kids occur when a child’s mobility...

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  • New Class For Expectant Families with Dogs

    Class taught at Shawnee Mission Medical Center!!! Babies Don't Bark: Learn how to prepare your dog for baby’s arrival, understand dog body-language basics, and solve attention-seeking behavior. This class clears up myths, emphasizes realistic...

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  • What is Potty Training?

    How they go... It is teaching dogs that your entire house is their den! Dogs in general are considered very clean animals, and do not want to soil in or around their den. Most potty problem arises when the dog does not consider your entire home their...

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  • Luna’s Life… A Dog and A Trainer 6/23/17

      Ok so it’s been a while and I apologize but I had scout camp with the boys and several busy weeks with my actual job as a dog trainer but things are starting to mellow a bit so, it is time to update you all on Ms. Luna!!! We finished our manners...

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  • So you adopted a Dog, What now :-) ???

    So, you have this little ball of fluff or maybe an older dog from the shelter, now what? What should you expect? Well that is simple, a lot of work and some definite changes 😊 First off, understand there is a honeymoon period… For the first 2 weeks...

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  • Luna’s Life, a Dog and a Trainer… 5/14/207

    OK as we talked last time training fearful dogs can be exciting, challenging and very rewarding but this week has brought on a new challenge. As we continue to improve and gain confidence with Ms. Luna, she is also now becoming a little “bratty” … Now...

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  • Luna’s Life… A Dog and A Trainer 4/30/17

    OK so first off life got crazy and well I forgot a weeks’ worth of blog…. So, this one will be a little longer than a regular one. There will be a Part 1 and Part 2. In the first part, we will go over all the new things that Luna and I have been doing...

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  • Luna’s Life… A Dog and A Trainer 4/16/2017

    Hey there folks, another week down in the life of Luna and again this week had tons of improvements but on the taking food from strangers front we are still working… Same on the occasional startle growl and run away, which normally happens when parked...

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  • Luna’s Life… A Dog and A Trainer 4/9/2017

    This was a great week!!! Is she cured? NO, but there were tons of tiny improvements this week. Again please don't focus on the improvements, instead focus on the frequency and consistency of me (or someone else) working with Luna. If you want to attempt...

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  • Luna’s Life… A Dog And A Trainer 4/2/2107

      OK so this week we added lots of new stuff, worked on some of our every week stuff and hopefully learned to just chill out from time to time… We started Doggy Daycare with a facility I have known and trusted for almost 10 years We did...

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