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  • Games to Play: Recall 101

    As with any dog training, you need to make it fun. If the dog is not having fun, neither will you. So why look at recall any different? We are going to introduce two games that, if used properly, will start you down the road to having a dog that always...

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  • What is Recall Part 2? The Non-Negotiable Rules

    The following are the Non-Negotiable Rules that will be the core techniques used in any attempt to teach recall. • Never use frustration, anger or punishment when calling your dog. If you are upset or angry, you will just have to fake it. Likewise,...

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  • What is Recall?

    What is Recall?How many times have you called your dog only to get a blank stare or, ‘for heaven’s sake,’ a dog taking off in the opposite direction at a dead run through traffic? This should not come as such a surprise when we look at recall through...

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  • Muttz “R” Us Presentation at Shawnee Chamber of Commerce Wednesday Morning Networking (11/11/09)

    I am attending the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce Meeting, Wednesday November 11, 2009. I will be introducing Chamber members to Muttz "R" Us and providing free giveaways including T-Shirts, lanyards, clickers & "green" shopping bags. I will be promoting...

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