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  • Teaching a Dog That Touch is Good :-)

    OK had a client this morning with a Jack Russel Adult that would get overstimulated when getting pets and then very quick get frustrated and growl (no biting but scary to the owners and I am sure for those doing the petting)... Many of you know I am the...

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  • POTTY TRAINING PART 3 (Bells and cleaning up messes)

    This post will discuss how to clean up accidents, when they do occur and how we train our dogs to use bells to tell us they have to go outside! Make sure that you clean any accidents quickly and thoroughly; if not the dog may go back to the scent, using...

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  • New Class to Keep Kids and K9’s Safe and Happy

    Class taught at Shawnee Mission Medical Center You made it through the pregnancy and infancy but now the family dog is having to deal with a child who is mobile! Many times, the real interaction issues with dogs and kids occur when a child’s mobility...

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  • New Class For Expectant Families with Dogs

    Class taught at Shawnee Mission Medical Center!!! Babies Don't Bark: Learn how to prepare your dog for baby’s arrival, understand dog body-language basics, and solve attention-seeking behavior. This class clears up myths, emphasizes realistic...

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  • So you adopted a Dog, What now :-) ???

    So, you have this little ball of fluff or maybe an older dog from the shelter, now what? What should you expect? Well that is simple, a lot of work and some definite changes 😊 First off, understand there is a honeymoon period… For the first 2 weeks...

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  • Is my style, the right fit for you???

    Many times, when I start working with clients, they become frustrated with the fact I don’t immediately start working on the problems they have called the office about… Dog that jump on house Guests Dog that pull-on leash Outside Dog that...

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  • Luna’s Life, a Dog and a Trainer 3/1/17

    Luna update: She is coming home Thursday the 2nd after my beginner class but here is where we are as of now :-) ***** Ok so as this blog series unfolds, you need to understand that some of the dog training tips are very time sensitive and if followed...

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  • Luna’s Life, a Dog and a Trainer 2/27/17

    [caption id="attachment_2146" align="alignright" width="277"] Leo and I[/caption] OK so today I went to look at a puppy named Maisy, the shelter knew I was looking for a female Great Pyrenees puppy to take the place of my senior Leonberger, Leo, who...

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  • Awesome Article on The “OLD IDEA” of Wolf Pack Theory as it Relates to Dogs

      This article does a really good job of: Describing the history of how Pack Theory of wolves was introduced to dog training How the original research was flawed Why that flawed research, will not work with dogs Not to mention a pretty...

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  • Awesome Article on Music, Stress and Dogs!!!

    Many of my clients (especially those in apartments) have questions of how to help with lonely pups and barking... This in many cases has to do with stress or dogs not being used to being alone (being a normal thing). We try feeding puzzles, crates even...

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