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  • Great Couple of Posts from a Pro on Thunder Storm Phobias….

    OK if you don't know who Patricia McConnell is well, you can thank me later for the introduction. She is one of the best (in my not so humble opinion) in the field of dogs and dog training. Today I want to share a two part post from her on the subject...

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  • Personality or Behavior???

    I get phone calls every day asking if I can fix this problem or can I get a person’s dog to quit doing this or that. It kind of reminds of a bumper sticker I saw recently which said “I am a beautician not a magician.” Don’t get me wrong, as a...

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  • Why do dogs bark & what can be done about it? Part 1

    If you like any of the shirts or other productsshown please visit www.muttzrus.com!Excessive barking or nuisance barking is one of the most frequent issues I encounter as a trainer. The “why do dogs bark” question is easy (as you will see), but the...

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