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  • Training Terminology 3 – Release Word (s)

    We know how to tell our dogs what we want them to do (see Training Terminology 2 – Cues.) So how do we let our dog know when we (and they) are done? This is one of the most forgotten parts in dog training, but if you ask me it is very important! We...

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  • Petting Party Part 1:

    How would the guys in the audience like it if I told you how to get your wife or girlfriend to actually appreciate and even encourage you to watch every football game this season? Ladies, how would you like your husband or boyfriend to finally get off...

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  • Jumping up Part 2…..Ignore the Bad, Reward the Good – 15 Minute Ignore!

    If you like any of the Shirts or Products shown....Please visit www.muttzrus.com Now let’s look at the fourth way to deal with the jumping up problem, the one that most folks don’t remember or enforce, the only one that will address the issue of...

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