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  • Great Article on Muzzles and of Course My Thoughts as Well

     Click Here For the Article Ok I love this idea not because I think every dog should wear a muzzle but for the fact if we make wearing the muzzle normal the dog will be ready if it is ever needed.One thing, I can attest to (as well as many other trainers)...

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  • Great Article… How the movie Whiplash relates to Dog Training???

    Another great article by Nicole Wilde... She nails this one. How does saying no, not to mention how you say no... will relate to you and your dog, not to mention your success in training said dog :-) This is an article that anyone frustrated with their...

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  •  A thought on some of the videos and/or articles on animals/dogs/training I see on social media... Check out the video below and let me know your opinion!    [embed]https://youtu.be/zH7_j2dat2o[/embed] 

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  • Great Article and Videos on Aggression Training Ideas

    This is an article and accompanying videos from a Trainer/Vet that I really like and admire. Her ideas are sound and the ideas are great info for anyone with a dog who exhibits aggression towards other dogs...I have always claimed that there is no one...

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  • An Article All Dog Owners Should Read and Understand!!!!

    Many have heard me talk about socializing puppies... You may have gotten my famous 160 item checklist to complete before your pup is 20 weeks old... You have even heard me preach the importance and critical nature of working with your pup during the critical...

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  • Petting Party Part 1:

    How would the guys in the audience like it if I told you how to get your wife or girlfriend to actually appreciate and even encourage you to watch every football game this season? Ladies, how would you like your husband or boyfriend to finally get off...

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  • Be Nice to Me or Else (especially in class)….

    Very interesting research that again shows the similarities between dogs and young children... It is another reason to consider the more laid back, less direct and punitive training methods... Please read and let me know what you think? Click Here for...

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  • Nature side of Sound Phobic Dogs…

    While I always stress the Nurture side of the equation (socialization during the critical period of life) Approx 3-20 Weeks this article (from one of my favorite blogs) looks at the issue of noise phobias from a genetic/physiological standpoint and is...

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  • Does your Dog Hump????

    OK it might be embarrassing, it might be frustrating and I yes, it is also normal so what does it all mean? Well it could be another dog, a stuffed animal or even a human leg!!! Humping is a part of being a dog and this article does a great job not only...

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  • Great Dog Training Book!!!

    Looking for a great place to start, with issues concerning a dog? My suggestion (a little biased) but ... Click Here to Get Your Copy Today!!!

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