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  • Sit Part 2….How it’s done and using a clicker!

    OK, at this point you know that a polite “sit” is the way your dog asks for something or says please. Now for the big question, how do we teach sit? Well, we know that “sit” is when a dog puts his/her rump on the ground, right? So, let’s use...

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  • SIT… Say Please

    Have you ever wished your dog could say please? Wouldn’t this be an awesome way for our dogs to show their manners? Imagine having a command that required your dog not only to ask for something but also to show the proper energy level when asking, before...

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  • Dog Training 101: Dont Ever Assume Anything

    IF YOU LIKE THE T-SHIRT PICTURED HEREPLEASE VISIT WWW.MUTTZRUS.COMLast week I had two real interesting situations while teaching my beginner class. One concerned a 3 pound Chihuahua and the other a 55 pound Great Pyrenees puppy. One dog refused to sit...

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  • The Three D’s – The First Two

    In my opinion, there are three basic stages in teaching a dog anything. Whether you are teaching sit, down, watch me, stay or recall for that matter, you must learn, understand, and deal with the 3 D’s of dog training. They are Duration, Distance and...

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  • Sit Part 3…Signal & Cue!

    Now you have to decide which verbal cue or hand signal you will be using for “sit”. As with all of my training, I focus on hand signals first! Remember, DOGS DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH! I simply modified the luring movement of my hand with the treat, to...

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