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  • Sit Part 3…Signal & Cue!

    Now you have to decide which verbal cue or hand signal you will be using for “sit”. As with all of my training, I focus on hand signals first! Remember, DOGS DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH! I simply modified the luring movement of my hand with the treat, to...

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  • The “Living Room” Dog

    Tonight at class, one of my students gave me inspiration for this article with one simple question. Why is it that my dog does all the exercises and behaves so well at home, yet completely falls apart when we try the same stuff on his walk? Simple I said,...

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  • The Barking Dog and Command “Enough”

    If you like any of the T-Shirts or products shown Please visit www.muttzrus.comAre you tired of having your dog bark for 15 minutes every time the door bell rings, or for any of the infinite number of other reasons dogs bark? Well so was I, and like any...

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  • The Three D’s – The First Two

    In my opinion, there are three basic stages in teaching a dog anything. Whether you are teaching sit, down, watch me, stay or recall for that matter, you must learn, understand, and deal with the 3 D’s of dog training. They are Duration, Distance and...

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