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Wednesday, Apr. 25th 2012

Doghouse Confessional: Why Yes, I Do Sleep with My Dog | Dogster

Really cute article about sleeping with your dog… To be clear I have no problem with dogs on Furniture or Beds but that decision is a personal one. All I ask as a dog trainer is that those locations be considered a reward and not a right. Dogs need to say please (SIT) and be invited up on OUR bed or furniture! Remember leadership = resource control and the realization that nothing is free in life, not being a BUTTHEAD to our dog 🙂

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2 Comments on “Doghouse Confessional: Why Yes, I Do Sleep with My Dog | Dogster”

  1. healthy pet food Says:

    If you are concerned that other dogs or critters from the neighborhood will take advantage of this cozy, warm haven, choose a dog house with a magnetic door that allows only your dog to enter.

  2. Mike Deathe Says:

    Not a bad idea!

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