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Tuesday, Feb. 28th 2017

Luna’s Life, a Dog and a Trainer 2/27/17

Leo and I

OK so today I went to look at a puppy named Maisy, the shelter knew I was looking for a female Great Pyrenees puppy to take the place of my senior Leonberger, Leo, who was going on almost 8 and would soon have to turn over the group class duties…  Let’s face it folks it takes at least a couple of years of consistent and frequent work to get a dog ready for this kinda work! Not to mention for me my pups have always been what I like to call my 100lb business cards… 

Ms.Luna notice the panting


This pup though, will be a different case study in training and owning a puppy, she is a very fearful pup as the pics here in this blog series will show… I am not sure she will ever be my demo dog or a working dog for KISS Dog Training but lets face it Leo was born near blind and did just fine and Maisy, as she is known now (from this point forward Luna) will get all those same opportunities to learn the world is safe, fun and accommodating  to a dog as cute as she is…

She found a safe place under a chair


Here is the fun and cool part for all of this I will be doing daily (if not, at least weekly) posts on how and what we are doing to help this little girl grow up to be a success story and to help the readers understand what and actually how much work is required to raise a puppy/ young dog… Who knows this might just become one of my books down the line, but being that I know this process takes sometimes up to 2-3 years lets just say it will be a way to communicate what I think is necessary to raise happy healthy productive doggy citizens!!!


PS these pics and the video are from our very first encounter today! Each post will be differentiated by the date… And our next blog post will discuss developmental periods in puppies and what they mean for Ms. Luna or any dog for that matter!!!!  Here is a quick video of Luna at our first meeting…


After several minutes she started taking treats…

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