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Monday, Jun. 10th 2013

Observations from a Trade Show….

I did a trade show this weekend and talked to a ton of folks over the three days! Apparently folks enjoy the opportunity to pick the brain of a dog trainer when given the chance… You know what I learned over the three days? People are just plain unprepared to own a dog… Now don’t get mad, I don’t mean that as an insult but rather a way to show the difference between folks who do research before getting a dog and are proactive and those who on a whim adopt or buy a dog and are forced to be reactive to all those wonderful doggy behaviors that drive us nuts…
Now I don’t really think there are people in the world who think dogs don’t poop, pee, bark, chew or jump up on people but I do think there are people who simple on an impulse fall in love with the idea of having a puppy and that is where their thought process ends until the newness of having this little ball of fur wears off.  Let’s face it owning a dog is a lot of work and if you and your family are not ready for that work you are in for a world of disappointment.
My solution… Quit calling dog trainers to fix problems and instead start calling us to help you with decisions like what type, size and age of dog fits your family. Or maybe helping your family decide if you are in a place in life where getting a dog is even a good idea? A good dog trainer can even come into your house and have an honest discussion with your entire family on who is gonna be responsible for what and help put together a plan for success to make everyone’s life a little easier…
Look I know from time to time my articles can see a little preachy or pointed but trust me if you had seen the number of families in heartbreak that I have once they decide that they cannot commit to the time or effort of owning a dog you would better understand my perspective. All I really want you to get from this article is realization that the best time to get a dog trainer is not after you have gotten a dog but rather before you do, so that I and all of the other great dog trainers in the world can get you going down the right path and choose the perfect pet for you and your family…
Remember Keep it Simple Stupid,

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