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Wednesday, Apr. 16th 2014

Reactivity and Aggression in dogs – Managing and Treating | Smart Animal Training Systems…

Amazing blog post about re-activity on leash and how to deal with it. Notice the first steps are the basics of training… You do not jump right into training for the leash re activity you need to have calm behavior, leadership and basics down before even thinking about working on the leash issues…  
Also keep in mind as the article points out re-activity and aggression are not the same thing… However if you let re-activity continue and get worse, aggression is a real possible next step…This is a great article that covers all aspects of this scary and frustrating scenario! 

If you know someone having this issue, have them read this, and if they need additional help have them call me    🙂  We would love to hear your story of leash re activity and how you learned to deal with it and/or fixed it???
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