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Tuesday, May. 13th 2014

Sponsored Post: Preparing to Travel or Move Overseas with Your Dog | Take Paws

Traveling with your pooch, over seas, especially is a real interesting scenario… This article covers a lot of cool info… My favorite tip is the mention of  Brachiocephalic (smoosh nosed) dogs… Keep in mind that many air lines will not allow larger dogs on the actual plane and expect them to travel in the non air conditioned cargo area in a crate and those dogs that do not breath well can have lethal issues with this type of travel… 
This article gives you a great place to start with your planning, and if you did not pick up on this point from the article I will reiterate again… You do not travel over seas or by air with your pooch on a whim… You plan hard core to make sure it is successful… As always please share this info to hopefully help some one else out….
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