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Thursday, Oct. 4th 2012

Study Finds Free-Roaming Cats Pose Threat from “Serious Public Health Diseases”


OK, first off I do believe in Spay Neuter and Release programs for cats. After seeing how many end up being put down in shelters I feel “fixing” the wild or caught by animal control cats and putting them back where they were found is a far better solution than waiting for the population to explode through non stop breeding, then dealing with the problem after the fact.

I found it strange this article was written and used studies from a wild bird group that obviously would not like free ranging cats. That I understand but the study seems a little biased. I don’t know, I don’t claim to have all the answers just my thoughts. What are yours… Take a peak at the article below and let us know what you think…

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One Comment on “Study Finds Free-Roaming Cats Pose Threat from “Serious Public Health Diseases””

  1. Mike Deathe Says:

    Ok so I talked to someone with this article who is involved in wildlife rescue and from their point of view they see way to many wildlife species becoming the food source for these feral cat colonies. While studies have shown a reduction in population, I had never considered the issue from the wildlife side. As with all of these hot button items there are always two sides. I try my best let you know both and let you decide!

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