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Monday, Feb. 2nd 2015

The Fake Service Dog: a Concerning Trend | Paws Abilities

Great article about the spreading epidemic of fake service dogs! 

The article describes, defines and gives ideas, solutions and alternatives to breaking the law. Part of my job as a trainer is to educate folks who don’t know about what is wrong or illegal, but what really chaps my butt (sorry but it does) is the unethical trainers out there doing the “training” and “certifying” of service dogs just for the money. 
They are out there and they charge folks a ton of money for paperwork and documents… The world is left with a dog who is not capable or in some cases even safe being pushed into the real world 24/7… 
Real service dogs and service dog trainers have a special place in heaven for what they do! Please take a minute and read this article and get educated about the wrong way to do it!!! Then share it and spread the news…

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