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Monday, Oct. 5th 2015

What to expect… Phone Calls About Aggression (at least from me)

rantYou know the least fun part of my job is making people mad… I really do try to help people and give great customer service but it seems when I try to under promise and over deliver in regards to questions or cases involving aggression people get very defensive…

Please do not take the things I say personally but understand that aggression in many cases is not “fixable”, instead it is in some cases only manageable or modifiable… I also like to stress that owner compliance in aggression cases is not all that great, and without that success is very hard if not attainable… This is why I always start with management and move forward from there…

Again my goal is not to upset you, blame you or chastise you but instead give you a very honest, blunt and eyes wide open account of the challenges you are about to embark on…. I really do hate it when folks get upset but in the end I want you to have all the information you need to be successful and to know what will necessary in the training process….

A final thought, not all folks are going to jive from a trainer/client standpoint and that is OK. I have and always will be happy to recommend other local trainers for you to talk to if necessary…

Well off the soapbox and back to the days work!

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